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New Zealand

Anna Hearne
Private Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand Lecturer at Auckland, Massey and Canterbury Universities, New Zealand.
Anna Hearne is originally from Germany, but she became a speech language therapist in Australia. She returned to her hometown of Munich, Germany to complete a Masters at the Ludwig Maximilian Universitaet. During this time she began introducing the Lidcombe Program to Germany with her colleague Christina Lattermann. She began specialising in the treatment of stuttering when she commenced her PhD studies in 2002 at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre. She investigated the experiences of adolescents who stutter. Since then she has filled many roles including research assistant and clinician at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre, clinician at the Stuttering Unit in Bankstown, Sydney, clinical director at the Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust in Auckland as well as clinical educator and lecturer at Maquarie University in Sydney. She currently lectures in stuttering at Auckland University, Massey University and Canterbury University in New Zealand. She is also working in her private practice. In addition to New Zealand, Anna conducts workshops in Germany with her colleagues Bettina Freerk and Christina Lattermann.


Sabine van Eerdenbrugh
Sabine Van Eerdenbrugh trained as a speech pathologist and teacher in Belgium and The Netherlands. She completed her PhD at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre, The University of Sydney. Her research project covered the development of an Internet version of the Lidcombe Program, and the development of a problem-solving tool for parents who do the Lidcombe Program. Sabine has treated children with communication disorders in several contexts for many years, including private practice and schools.