Category Archives: Observing Parent Demonstrating within Clinic

I was taught that it is important in the weekly Lidcombe Program session that the parent demonstrates what they have been doing at home, then we demonstrate any changes that need to be made, and then the parent has a go implementing these changes. Do we always need to follow this routine, even when the parent has become competent at all the procedures and further changes are not needed? How should we proceed if this is the case?

It makes clinical common sense to observe the parent doing treatment so that the speech-language pathologist can watch their therapy without influencing it by modelling in the clinic first. That way the speech-language pathologist has the best chance to see therapy as it has been done at home and to see the impact that it has on the child. However, there may be occasions when the speech-language pathologist decides that a demonstration is not necessary. This may occur when the speech-language pathologist is confident that the parent is competent in doing the treatment and would usually occur towards the end of Stage 1. It may be the case that it is more useful to spend the time in the session discussing ongoing management and problem solving. However it is not recommended that the speech-language pathologist does not watch the parent for several sessions in a row.