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How can speech-language pathology students become involved in the therapy process during clinical placements? Should students attend a Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium workshop once they become qualified?

Speech-language pathology students should be involved with treatment of children who stutter. Due to the amount of often complex problem solving required for the Lidcombe Program it is important that students are directly and actively supervised by an experienced speech-language pathologist. As the student learns throughout the placement the speech-language pathologist may negotiate which aspects of clinic visits the student will administer.

It is strongly recommended that all speech-language pathologists who treat children with the Lidcombe Program attend a Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium workshop. Student observation and clinical placements do not take the place of the formal training provided in the workshops. Research has indicated that speech-language pathologists who have attended a workshop achieve better clinical outcomes for children treated with the Lidcombe Program than speech-language pathologists who have not attended a workshop.

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