Category Archives: Suitability of the Lidcombe Program for all Children

Do you think that the Lidcombe Program is suitable for all children who stutter? Are there any client groups who you feel would not benefit from the program e.g. ASD, behaviour problems (e.g. oppositional defiant disorder), children with severe learning difficulties, any others? On what have you based your decisions – is there any research on these areas and the Lidcombe Program?

At this stage there is no Lidcombe Program research that has considered particular sub groups of children. 

Given this lack of research to assist in this area, currently the Lidcombe Program is considered best practice for all preschool-age children irrespective of any other diagnosis. Once treatment priorities have been established, commence treatment and judge the viability of treatment according to progress as would be done with any client.  

The following chapter may provide some useful information about using the Lidcombe Program with more complicated children.

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